Tej Kohli
Impact Initiatives


The genesis of the Tej Kohli Foundation was to support projects located within underserved communities where direct interventions are most likely to have a sustained and positive impact in individual lives. Today the Foundation still provides midday meals for thousands of malnourished children every day, extends educational opportunities, provides vocational training for the disabled and seeks to improve health outcomes in rural communities.

Esports Partnership

The Tej Kohli Foundation has partnered with Team Vitality, Europe’s number one esports team in an industry that is approaching one billion viewers worldwide. Blindness due to poverty falls disproportionately on younger people within poor communities. Through a CSR partnership with Team Vitality, the Tej Kohli Foundation seeks to raise awareness that when a young person is deprived of their vision, they are also deprived of their prospects.


The Tej Kohli Foundation has supported the production of an independent documentary film by up-and-coming independent documentary filmmakers. The film focuses on a cornea transplant patient of the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute and is being screened at several international film festivals to highlight the issue of ‘poverty blindness’ and its disproportionate prevalence amongst younger people within poor communities.