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The situation is alarming and requires a monumental effort to bring the incidence of corneal blindness under control. Of 20 million people affected worldwide, 4.6 million are Indians. Sadly, 60% of these are children, and 25,000 more individuals are added every year.

A host of concerned agencies are fighting the battle against corneal blindness. The National Association for the Blind has led the campaign for the last 60 years. The Tej Kohli Foundation is making a significant contribution in mobilizing resources and creating public awareness against corneal blindness. It coordinates the efforts of local NGOs with an Eye Institute to conduct corneal transplants. All surgeries on patients from underprivileged homes are funded entirely by the TK Foundation.

Efforts are being made by philanthropists, research scholars and educational institutes as well to enhance living conditions for the visually impaired. One such innovation is the Braille Smartphone developed by Sumit Dagar at the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad and is expected to be launched later this year. In Trivandrum, the Jyothirgamaya Project is being run on wheels. A modified auto-rickshaw is fitted with a computer, a printer, slates and white canes and reaches out to the visually challenged across the city.

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